Smyth Automotive is a privately held automotive aftermarket company, owned and operated by the Smyth family since it was founded by George Smyth over 40 years ago. In 1963 George opened his own used car business and the need for parts led him to opening his very own salvage yard. Smyth Automotive began by selling “used” parts from his salvage yard and by 1965 was selling “new” parts over the counter.

In 1983, George turned his business over to his children. Since then, Smyth Automotive has grown and expanded into 18 parts stores with 5 Collision Pro paint centers throughout the greater Cincinnati Tri-state area, Dayton, and even  Columbus.

This family owned operation has over 400 employees, 250 plus vehicles, and more than 100,000 square feet of warehouse inventory space filled with over 200,000 SKUs including performance and accessory parts. Smyth’s also carries a complete line of tools and equipment for the “do it yourselfer” and professional installers.In February of 2000 Smyth Automotive became a proud member of Parts Plus. With the company’s strong emphasis on retail, Smyth Automotive has built the Parts Plus name throughout the area with personalized service and attractive, clean store locations. In part, the companies continual growth can be attributed to the work ethic established by the founder George, and carried on by the second generation of Smyths-with the help of the complete Smyth Automotive staff.

Smyth Automotive has a number of dedicated, hard working employees who have been with them a long time, some longer than 20 years! The company really takes pride in their deep levels of inventory; this helps them to be competitive in pricing and dependable on having the right part in stock for their customers.

It all comes down to satisfying the service, price and availability needs of all of our auto parts customers.


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