5 Practical Fall Car Care Tips


It is that time of year again, and we all know what that means. Not only are the leaves starting to drop, but so is the rain, the temperature and maybe even snow. So, it is crucial to ensure that your vehicle has been well maintained and that is able to withstand Fall’s inclement weather.

October is Fall Car Care Month. Here are five practical car care tips from Smyth Automotive for preparing your vehicle for the cooler months ahead

  1. Check Your Battery

Having clean connections as well as a fully charged battery is not only a benefit for you but also your vehicle. Colder temperatures naturally act as an inhibitor, slowing down your battery’s internal reactions. If your battery is weak, power can’t be properly supplied to the areas of the vehicle that need it in order to run effectively. Head to a mechanic for a scheduled maintenance inspection and have your battery tested.

  1. Inspect Your Tires and Brakes

Your tires are the only source of contact between your vehicle and the pavement and they play a vital role in your safety. Is there uneven wear? This could mean a multitude of things. Your tires could be out of alignment, underinflated or they may need balancing. However, your brakes are also a valuable asset and should be inspected by your trusted mechanic to measure the pad and shoe thickness, check for even wear and check rotors to ensure the overall hardware is working properly.

  1. Replace Wiper Blades

Cracked or worn blades do not properly clear your windshield, and they can also scratch and damage your glass. Check your wiper blades and replace them in order to have a clear view of the road. Also, don’t forget to replace your windshield washer fluid with a solvent created for harsher weather conditions.

  1. Check Your Lights and Bulbs

Autumn days mean longer nights, so your lights are even more important than usual. Make sure your headlight, brake, hi-beam and fog lights are functioning properly. It is also time to replace all of the bulbs that no longer work or are broken.

  1. Make Sure Defroster/Heater Works

As the weather gets colder, you will want to make sure your heater is working properly to keep you warm. Additionally, driving without a working defroster can cause foggy windows. As the temperature drops, the condensation caused by higher temperatures inside the car will turn to frost or ice. Save yourself from scraping away at it, and make sure your defroster is working properly.


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