Improve Your MPG: 5 Tips for Getting Better Gas Mileage


As we head into Fall, road trips are decreasing and the summer driving season is coming to a close. It’s possible we may see a dip in the average price of gas. And what’s better than saving money at the pump?

Smyth Automotive car care experts advise that if you are saving money on gas, why not also save money by improving your overall fuel economy. Following are some simple steps you can take to get more miles per gallon:

  1. Check your tires. Under-inflated tires can lower gas mileage. So keep all four tires properly inflated. Tire pressure can fluctuate when outside temperatures do, so regularly check the tires and inflate them when the pressure is low.
  1. Keep your driving in check. Avoid heavy braking and rapid acceleration. Even speeding can significantly lower your gas mileage. Don’t drive aggressively, be mindful of your speed and use cruise control while on the highway.
  1. Lighten your load. Remove needless items from your trunk, especially if they’re heavy. The added weight can affect fuel efficiency. Also, don’t keep items on your roof rack when you’re driving around town. Remove cargo boxes and other items from your car roof when you’re not using them.
  1. Avoid unnecessary idling. Turn of your engine if you will be parked for a period of time. Reducing engine idling not only saves money, but it also cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions and harmful pollution.
  1. Check your engine air filter. A dirty filter will reduce fuel economy. Replace a clogged filter to help your engine run more efficiently.

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