Summer Break Road Trip Tips



Summer time is finally upon us! Before you hit the road this summer, here are a few tips to make sure your car is ready for your adventures.

  1. Get a checkup for your car. You want to make sure your car is ready to go for the road. Check your fluids, tires and get an oil change. You want to make sure your car is in tip top shape before you hit the road.
  2. Check your car’s load capacity. If you over load your car, you not only will have to spend more money on gas because your car is working extra hard, but you could also put yourself at risk. Too much extra weight can make your car hard to handle in emergency situations.
  3. Be sure to take breaks. This isn’t just for the car, it is for you, too! Being in the car for so long can cause you to cramp up and go stir crazy. Get out and walk around, stretch your legs, get some fresh air. Your car will also thank you, because so much driving can cause your car to overheat, which is not good.
  4. Be prepared. Bring snacks, trash bags, water, and other equipment you need for the journey and also in case of an emergency. First aid kits are smart to bring too. The better prepared you and your car are, the better the trip will be.

 Follow these tips, and you will be sure to have a great trip this summer!


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